Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes talks NFL Draft strategy, trades, new uniforms

With one week to go until the 2024 NFL Draft, and on the same day the team is set to unveil its new uniforms, Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes met with the media and discussed numerous topics.

One of those topics had to do with the draft being in Detroit this year and the certain disappointment fans would have if the Lions decided to trade out of the first round. Holmes wouldn’t rule out that happening and said he hopes fans forgive him if things unfold that way.

“We have to do the right thing for the organization,” Holmes said of the potential scenario, according to Colton Pouncy of The Athletic. “Hopefully, our fans will forgive us (if that happens).”

Holmes added that if it’s the “right fit” the team would also consider trading up.

When it comes to what they’re looking for specifically in the draft, Holmes said the Lions aren’t going to simply limit their options because of positional needs, etc. Instead, Detroit is going to take players who “are the right fit for us,” which is nothing new for this regime.

“We don’t really get anchored on position, we don’t really get anchored on windows,” Holmes explained. “We just look for guys we’re convicted on that are the right fit for us.”

Despite having their starting five locked in, we’ve seen a lot of mocks with the Lions taking an offensive lineman as early as the first round, with the idea that the team could use depth immediately, and a potential starter down the road.

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Holmes reiterated how important the offensive line is, which only adds to the idea that adding upfront early on in this draft is a realistic option for Detroit.

“We’re firm believers that that’s where the game is won,” he said of the offensive line.

Last but certainly not least, Holmes shared his thoughts on the new uniforms, which are set to be revealed on Thursday night.

“I think you guys are gonna love them,” Holmes said, while also noting that he hasn’t seen them in a while.


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