Red Sox mental mistakes reach new low on Thursday

The Boston Red Sox haven’t had the smartest start to their 2024 campaign, as they’ve made a ton of errors and frequently run into runs on the basepaths.

However, Boston’s gaffes reached a new low on Thursday against the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field.

In the bottom half of the first inning, the Red Sox’s fielders were taking the field for the first time in the contest. Wilyer Abreu took his place in left field and Rob Refsnyder went to right field.

However, in Boston’s lineup for the game, Abreu was supposed to be in right field and Refsnyder was to be in left.

This mistake resulted in a pitch clock violation and an automatic ball to Cleveland’s leadoff hitter Steven Kwan.

Kwan eventually popped out, and Red Sox starter Chase Anderson got out of the inning without any damage, but this is just the recent example in a long line of avoidable errors for a team that just can’t afford to make them.


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