‘Every QB in the class’ wanted to go to Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings found a way to move up to 10th overall to take Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy. They got their quarterback and didn’t have to give up a massive haul to go and get him.

It was no secret that they wanted to get a quarterback in this draft. They ended up giving up a pittance in picks 128 and 157 while getting back 203. Considering there was real discussion about giving up three first round picks to get into the top five, this is a massive win for Minnesota.

It’s also not a secret that the Vikings have one of the best situations in the National Football League for a rookie quarterback: elite weapons, offensive-minded head coach and book-end tackles.

2024 NFL Draft QBs wanted to play for Minnesota Vikings

In speaking with the Vikings media for the first time, McCarthy said that there was a lot of interest in playing for the VIkings.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Not only do you have the above pieces, you also have great ownership and facilities. This is exemplified by first and second place finishes in the NFLPA report card over the last two seasons.[embedded content]


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