MLB umpires’ controversial missed call leads to Yankees big inning

Like Ron Burgundy reading the teleprompter, New York Yankees star Aaron Judge was going to do anything to break up a double play.

During Sunday afternoon’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers with the score tied 4-4, Alex Verdugo chopped a ground ball to second base with Judge on first.

As the Brewers easily got the force at second hoping to turn a double play, the Yankees captain slid into the base to break his momentum and to break up the double play.

Whether it was instinct or Judge just pushing the envelope hoping the umpires would miss a call, he put his left hand up as he slid—a common part of sliding technique.

However, Judge’s 6-foot-7 frame extended high as he slid deflecting the throw on the backend of the double play, allowing Verdugo to reach base safely.

The ball clearly hit Judge’s oven mitt as he was sliding. Brewers manager Pat Murphy came out to argue the call, but the umpires left Verdugo on first base.

What happened next? The Yankees went on to score seven runs in the inning, taking an 11-4 lead. Judge even came up for a second time in the frame and knocked a two-run single to left field.

Crew chief Andy Fletcher admitted after the game they missed the call.

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