NFL Draft: 4 things we learned about Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah

The 2024 NFL Draft is officially completed and the Minnesota Vikings have made seven selections.

There is some interesting data to look at with how general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is prioritizing information with these draft classes. How is he managing resources? Is there a trend in how he selects players? Let’s take a look at some things we learned about the Vikings general manager.

NFL Draft: Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah trends

Power 5 schools continue being a priority

Adofo-Mensah has made 23 picks during his tenure.

  • 21 from power five schools
  • 1 group of five school
  • 1 FCS school

It’s also notable that the group of five and FCS school prospects were picks 222 and 232 overall. There is a belief that playing at a power five school means more to the future success of a prospect.

Trade ups look to prioritize player value, not pick value

This is an interesting one. Adofo-Mensah came out relatively even with the trade up for J.J. McCarthy, but lost with the analytics charts on the move for Dallas Turner. He lost what equates to a late third, early fourth-round pick. The one caveat with this trade is that Turner was a top 10 player on the consensus board that nobody thought would get outside of the top 15, let alone the top 10. Are see seeing a shift in how the “analytics general manager” is using data to his advantage versus the consensus?

No trade downs for first-time

For the first time as Vikings general manager, Adofo-Mensah didn’t trade down. It’s especially notable that he didn’t make a single trade on day three, where he has been very active over the course of his tenure.

Top 30 visits still matter

With the Vikings seven draft picks, the top 30 visits and private workouts mattered

That mean 4/7 were connected with a top 30 visit and that brings the total up to 11/23 draft picks in Adofo-Mensah’s tenure.

Now, the undrafted free agent class also had some connections with top 30 visits.

  • UCLA EDGE Gabriel Murphy
  • Oregon DT Taki Taimani
  • North Carolina OT Spencer Rolland
  • Arkansas CB Dwight McGlothern-Adjacent

That brings the UDFA number up to eight who have been on a top 30 visit with more coming from adjacent ones.These data points mean something. The Vikings clearly value the time spent with players and are using it heavily when making their draft picks.


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