3 Los Angeles Chargers players who could be on thin ice following NFL Draft

The Los Angeles Chargers came away with what has to be seen as a strong 2024 draft class. The team is in transition following a wasted 2023 season and has a new general manager and new head coach leading the way. 

This team was nowhere near as bad as the 5-12 record it posted last season so getting back into contention won’t be as hard as it seems. The Chargers have a solid nucleus of players and with Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines, there is plenty to be excited about. 

But maybe not for everyone. 

The NFL is a business and not everyone can be a part of what a certain team is trying to build or at the least, maybe not as big a part of it as they once were. Based on the results of this recent draft, there are a few players on the roster who are going to have their work cut out for them to show they still belong. 

Los Angeles Chargers on thin ice following 2024 NFL Draft

Quentin Johnston, WR

It may not be fair to put the young Quentin Johnston on a list such as this already but when you are a first-round pick in the NFL you have to produce. Johnston had a terrible rookie season. 

Johnston played in all 17 games last season but ended up with just 38 receptions for 431 yards and two touchdowns. 

The Chargers chose not to take a wide receiver in the first round this year, to the chagrin of many fans, but they did walk away with three wide receivers in their nine picks. Ladd McConkey has a chance to become a monster in the short to intermediate passing game. Brenden Rice, despite being chosen in the seventh round, landed in a great spot and Cornelius Johnson played for Harbaugh at Michigan. 

If Johnston has another season like he did in 2023 this year, chances are Harbaugh won’t have much patience for it. 

Trey Pipkins, OT

Trey Pipkins was drafted in the third round in 2019 and has been the main right tackle for the team since and he hasn’t played badly. That didn’t stop Harbaugh from using his first-round pick to acquire Joe Alt, who will likely be moved to the right side. 

That leaves Pipkins trying to convert to guard or becoming the team’s swing tackle, but there is no doubt that his role on the team is going to be much different this season. 

Isaiah Spiller, RB

The Chargers brought in two free agents from his brother’s team this offseason, Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins. They then drafted Kimani Vidal in the sixth round. Vidal is the perfect replacement for Austin Ekeler, who signed with the Washington Commanders this offseason. 

Where does that leave Isaiah Spiller? It leaves him on the outside looking in, which should come as little surprise. The regime that brought in Spiller in the fourth round in 2022 is no longer there and this one likely won’t back a guy who has 137 career rushing yards and has lost reps to most of the running backs that have been on the roster with him. 

Spiller could easily be looking for work elsewhere by the end of the summer. 


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