Dolphins totally disrespected in Sports Illustrated’s NFL power rankings

There’s being down on a team, and then there’s totally disrespecting a team like Conor Orr of Sports Illustrated did to the Miami Dolphins in his post-NFL Draft power rankings on Wednesday.

In them, Orr ranks the Dolphins, who finished 11-6 last season and have had back-to-back playoff appearances, at No. 25 on his list. Here’s what went into Orr’s thought process, in his own words:

I know I’m going to get waxed for this, and I’m prepared to accept it. However, if Rodgers stays healthy for an entire season, it’s difficult for me to not anticipate another team in the AFC East getting knocked off their block a little bit. Miami is looking at Tua Tagovailoa in a contract year, Tyreek Hill now at 30 years old and an explosive running game as their forward-facing weapons. Mike McDaniel is a genius and a true people person, but I don’t know if personnel decisions outside of the Hill trade have done him any favors. Can they get immediate production out of edge Chop Robinson and develop a large-wingspan tackle over the course of an offseason? The latter is more likely given that McDaniel is working with offensive line guru Butch Barry. We’ll see.

Making the rankings more outlandish, he has a team like the New York Giants, which was an absolute dumpster fire last year, ranked FIVE spots ahead of the Dolphins.

There’s no question Miami had a very disappointing finish to their season after an ugly first-round exit at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. But it’s not like they lost to some slouch of a team. After all, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl for crying out loud.

It’s true the Dolphins lost a key piece of their defense with Christian Wilkins leaving for the Las Vegas Raiders, but they’ve also made several intriguing signings and some good draft picks to help bolster their roster ahead of next season.

The Dolphins are the favorite to win the AFC East in 2024, especially after all of the losses the Buffalo Bills have suffered. At the very least, they’re a wild-card team that can make some noise in the playoffs. Orr’s ranking doesn’t come close to reflecting that reality.


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