Kentucky Derby payout breakdown: How much prize money will the winner get in 2024?

Few sporting experiences can compare to Churchill Downs in the spring. The 150th annual Kentucky Derby returns as the race for the Triple Crown begins.

Unlike most popular sporting events, the Kentucky Derby lasts just two minutes, as 20 horses race around a 1.25-mile track. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting experience for fans and bettors alike.

Horse racing has always collected a lot of money even prior to society’s acceptance of legal sports gambling. The owners will win a large sum of cash if the horse is one of the top finishers.

Fierceness (+250) is the odds-on favorite to win the 2024 Kentucky Derby, running out of the No. 17 starting gate. Sierra Leone (+300) and Catching Freedom (+800) have the next best odds.

Here’s what to know about the Kentucky Derby purse, including a full breakdown of the payout.

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What is the Kentucky Derby purse in 2024?

The Kentucky Derby’s purse is $5 million in 2024, increasing its total from $3 million in previous years.

How much money does the Kentucky Derby winner get?

The Kentucky Derby purse gets split among the top finishers, but the first-place winner gets the most. First place will earn $3.1 million, which is more than the total purse from 2023.

Kentucky Derby prize money breakdown for 2024

The $5 million purse is split between the top five finishers, with first place taking the majority of the dough.

Place Prize money
1 $3.1 million
2 $1 million
3 $500,000
4 $250,000
5 $150,000

Kentucky Derby prize money compared to other Triple Crown races

The Kentucky Derby remains the top-paying race among the Triple Crown in 2024.

Race Date Total 2024 purse
Kentucky Derby May 4 $5 million
Preakness Stakes May 18 $2 million
Belmont Stakes June 8 $2 million


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