Josh Jacobs is fighting with Raiders fans on social media

Running back Josh Jacobs left the Las Vegas Raiders in free agency for the Green Bay Packers and fans aren’t thrilled that he didn’t issue a formal goodbye, which is typical for players leaving for a new team.

And Jacobs has absolutely no plans on issuing that goodbye, as he revealed on social media on Friday night in a fiery exchange with Raiders fans.

When a Raiders fan brought up the fact that Jacobs did not say goodbye upon leaving for Green Bay, the new Packers running back confirmed that no goodbye is coming.

He also urged fans to “move on.”

Jacobs them claimed that Raiders fans didn’t want him. Reports did suggest that the team made an offer to him, but it did not approach the Packers’, who ended up inking Jacobs to a four-year, $48 million deal.

When a fan called him salty, Jacobs said Raiders fans are the ones who can’t let it go.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any revenge game for Jacobs against the Raiders, as the Packers are not on Las Vegas’ list of 2024 opponents.


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