Peyton Manning shows up as ‘main event’ of Tom Brady Roast

Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shared a stage with Tom Brady on Sunday night, introduced by Kevin Hart as the “main event” of the night. Manning came out to a nice applause during the Netflix special The Greatest Roast of All-Time: Tom Brady

Brady sat and listened to jokes from all sorts of comedians as well as fellow New England Patriots Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski as well as former head coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft. 

He did, at one point, seem to take offense to a joke from roast master Jeff Ross directed at Kraft. But he took everything in stride before getting up and closing the show himself with a great set. 

During his routine, Manning also talked about Belichick doing some work this coming season with him and his brother Eli Manning on the Manningcast

It was a night of laughs and many dark, tasteless jokes, but the highlight was arguably the appearance of Manning. However, Brady got in a great shot during his rebuttal as well. 

It’s always fun to see these two together. They were great rivals on the football field and the respect they show for each other, even during things like this, is always refreshing. 


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