NCAA home run leaders: Where Georgia’s Charlie Condon ranks among single-season HRs all time

Charlie Condon took a redshirt in his true freshman season at Georgia. The hope for the under-recruited walk-on in Athens was to build weight and get himself better prepared for a redshirt freshman campaign in 2023.

He looked more than ready, bashing 25 home runs with a .386 batting average en route to winning the consensus National Freshman of the Year honors. If he looked college-ready then, he looks near-MLB ready now. As a redshirt sophomore, Condon has emerged as the favorite to go first overall in the 2024 MLB Draft.

His slugging percentage is over 1.000, meaning that he averages more than one total base per at-bat, a seemingly impossible statistic. He also has maintained a comfortable lead in the home-run race nearly all season, and it appears to be cruising to the home-run crown in 2024 barring a short campaign for Condon and extended seasons from his competitors.

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Condon’s season could end with more than just a home-run title. It’s possible it could end in a record. 

Here’s where he stands in the race for the NCAA Division I HR record.

NCAA home run records

Most home runs in a season

Condon has hit 33 home runs in 47 games. If he were to play in 75 games, he’d be on pace for 53 home runs.

Pete Incaviglia at Oklahoma State played in 75 games in 1985, and he launched a record 48 home runs. However, that also came in the pre-BBCOR era when home runs were flying at a much faster pace.

Here’s a look at the all-time home run leaderboards:

Player School Year G HR
Pete Incaviglia Oklahoma State 1985 75 48
Jeff Ledbetter Florida State 1982 74 42
Lance Berkman Rice 1997 63 41
Brandon Larson LSU 1997 69 40
Steve Hacker Missouri State 1995 58 37
Mike Willes BYU 1988 60 35
Daylan Holt Texas A&M 1999 70 35
Troy Glaus UCLA 1997 67 34
Charlie Condon Georgia 2024 47 33
Jac Caglianone Florida 2023 71 33
Nate Gold Gonzaga 2002 56 33
Kevin Mench Delaware 1998 52 33
Joe Dillon Texas Tech 1997 57 33
Frank Fazzini Florida State 1985 81 33

Heading into a series against South Carolina, Condon has six regular-season games left before the SEC Tournament. The SEC Tournament is single-game elimination in the first round if the Bulldogs are only seeded fifth or lower. The Bulldogs are currently the fifth seed. Should the Bulldogs advance, they’ll be in double-elimination through the rest of the tournament.

Georgia also appears headed to at least an at-large bid in the NCAA tournament, which will mean playing at least two games. Assuming Georgia does get the appearance, that will mean Condon has at least nine total games left with the potential for more depending on how long the Bulldogs keep playing.

BBCOR era home run single-season record

While Condon appears to be a long shot to reach the all-time home run record, he is well on track to be the sole record-holder for the BBCOR-era home run holder.

Condon’s 33rd home run of the season matched the record held by Florida’s Jac Caglianone from 2023. Given six more regular-season games and several other postseason contests to surpass the record, he seems all but certain to claim the record.

The BBCOR (bat-ball coefficient of restitution) era dates back only to 2011 when the NCAA established a standard for bats to reduce exit velocity and promote player safety.

Most home runs in a game

There is not likely to be anyone who will touch the single-game home run record, in part because it came in the pre-BBCOR era. Florida State’s Marshall McDougall hit six home runs on May 9, 1999, in a 26-2 walloping of Maryland. McDougall also set a record with 16 RBI in the game.

Behind McDougall is Campbell’s Henry Rochelle, who launched five against Radford on March 30, 1985, in a 38-0 steam-rolling of the Highlanders.

Most home runs in a career

That record also belongs to Incaviglia. No player that has performed in the BBCOR-era has reached the top 10 in career home runs.

Incaviglia finished his three-year Oklahoma State career with 100 home runs. Jeff Ledbetter followed him with 97. No other player in NCAA baseball history has more than 88.

Player College Years Games Home Runs
Pete Incaviglia Oklahoma State 1983-1985 213 100
Jeff Ledbetter Florida State 1979-1982 262 97
Todd Greene Georgia Southern 1990-1993 240 88
Eddy Furniss LSU 1995-1998 265 80
Frank Fazzini Florida Sate 1983-1985 234 79
Brad Cresse LSU 1997-2000 236 78
George Canale Virginia Tech 1984-1986 180 76
Chad Sutter Tulane 1996-1999 244 75
Matt LaPorta Florida 2004-2007 215 74
Cory Snyder BYU 1982-1984 173 73


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