Best and worst 2024 NFL schedule release videos, from Patriots’ ‘Good Jules Hunting’ to another Cardinals flop


The NFL’s annual schedule release only recently became spectacle, with the league dropping certain matchups in the days leading up to the full reveal. But over the last few years, the schedule reveal videos from all 32 teams take the spectacle to new heights.

Which team popularized the concept of a cinematic schedule reveal video is up for debate. Certainly, though, the Chargers perfected the art form, as they set the internet ablaze with incredible anime-themed videos in back-to-back years

With each passing year, the videos become more elaborate β€” but the Titans got the last laugh in 2023, as their simple TikTok-style video went viral.

Did simple win out in 2024, or were the best schedule reveal videos the ones that took the most time and effort? Here’s a look at the best and worst from Wednesday’s announcement. 

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Best NFL schedule release videos

New England Patriots

Production value doesn’t always translate to the best video, especially when teams overthink it. The Patriots got it right.

Julian Edelman played “Jules Hunting” in a remake of “Good Will Hunting,” which starred Boston favorites Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Rob Gronkowski and Jerod Mayo starred alongside Edelman in the movie trailer-style video, and even Robert Kraft showed off his acting skills.

Best of all, the schedule is revealed throughout the video. Edelman, described as a custodian-turned-genius in the Patriots’ facility, shocks everyone else by “cracking the code.” The code? New England’s 2024 schedule. 

Between the idea, the production, the involvement of franchise greats and even the impressive acting skills, the Patriots are big winners of schedule release night.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers never miss an opportunity to take a few jabs at opposing teams and players in their reveal video, and they nailed it again. Rather than put together an a third consecutive anime-themed video, Los Angeles’ social media team knew when to pivot. This time, the Chargers’ schedule was revealed in the world of “The Sims” video game.

The video took shots at plenty of players, including Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kelce. It also mocked the ruins of the Patriots’ dynasty, listed a slew of failed Browns quarterbacks and even poked fun Taylor Swift’s use of private jets.

The most notable clip came late in the video, when a man wearing a red No. 7 jersey was seen working in the kitchen. Yes, that’s supposed to be Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker
, who is the target of widespread outrage after he encouraged women to be homemakers in a controversial commencement address.

The Chargers’ schedule reveal videos have a tendency to call back to incidents you don’t even remember until you watch it, and they once again did an excellent job of semi-tastefully coming for all of their opponents. 

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Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were big winners of Wednesday’s schedule reveal. They FaceTimed an opposing celebrity fan (or former player) of each team on their schedule, confusing the other person on the end of the call. Some fans were greeted by a silent Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott and Michael Irvin, who just stared into the phone, while others were greeted by Post Malone and the Cowboys’ mascot similarly staring silently into the phone.

While we can admit the calls likely weren’t random, it’s still a tremendous idea that produced some hilarious lines.

Featured in the video are Jake Paul (Browns), Eli Manning (Giants), Calvin Johnson (Lions), Ninja (Lions), John Wall (Bye Week β€” yes, Bye Week), Saweetie (Bengals), Michael Vick (Falcons), Kristin Juszczyk (49ers), shirtless Shane Gillis and Joe Rogan (Eagles), PFT Commenter (Commanders), Chad Johnson (Bengals), Kay Adams (Bengals), Steve Smith (Panthers), Dawn Staley (Eagles), Robert Griffin III (Commanders) and even Cowboys fan Kelly Clarkson. That’s a special group.

“Nah, I’m a part of one of these things,” Paul said, while Saweetie asked, “Why y’all look like the purge?” No one looked more disgusted than Staley, who is all about Philadelphia. 

The best reveal videos have layers to the humor, and calling an often-injured Wall to reveal the franchise’s bye week was especially dastardly. Well done, Dallas.

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Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons brought back classic video game NFL Street for their reveal, and they nailed it. An animated Bijan Robinson and Kyle Pitts ran all over opposing teams in a throwback to the beloved street football game, revealing Atlanta’s schedule in the process. Not a single player or actor was used, so credit goes to the animation team behind the video.

What truly made it an upper-tier video were the hilarious references planted throughout the clip. When Pitts jukes out a Cowboys fan, the fan yells “Go Lakers!” Yes, that’s a not-so-subtle way of calling Cowboys fans bandwagoners. 

Mike Tomlin’s viral “We do not care” soundbite is also referenced, as are Eagles security guard Dom DiSandro and Colorado coach Deion Sanders.

Unlike most teams the Falcons actually reveal the schedule throughout the video. There is no waiting. No seconds are wasted, and that makes it a must-watch. 

Tennessee Titans 

The Titans went back to Broadway after last year’s viral hit, which featured tourists and locals struggling to identify the logos of Tennessee’s 2023 opponents. Not only did the Titans go back, but they brought in the woman who went viral for calling the Falcons the “Red Stallions” in last year’s video. She was the one behind the microphone this time, and once again, it simply worked.

The Titans changed up their approach a bit this year, asking fans what they know about each team rather than asking them to simply identify the logo. While nothing can match last year’s video, it still produced some hilarious moments.

The Dolphins were labeled “Alix Earle’s boyfriend’s team,” the Bears were mistaken for the Bengals, and no one could identify the Jaguars despite Jacksonville appearing twice on the schedule.

Fans also identified the Colts with two quarterbacks who never played for the franchise: Eli Manning and Dak Prescott. Meanwhile, both the Vikings and Commanders were described as teams that “got rid of Kirk Cousins.” 

Despite the new prompt, the Titans entertained once again. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs’ video was one of the simplest, and that’s okay. If you’ve spent more time than you should on TikTok or Facebook, odds are you’ve seen the satisfying videos that show a hydraulic press crushing various objects. The Chiefs did exactly that, crushing objects that corresponded with their opponents. And, yes, it was satisfying. 

The video started with the crushing of the Chiefs’ back-to-back Super Bowl championship logo, because they couldn’t let the opportunity go by without reminding the other 31 teams that they’re still the kings of the NFL. 

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Worst NFL schedule release videos

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals were dead last in this department last season, and they find themselves in the same place. All Arizona posted at 8 p.m. was a link to their schedule. There was a graphic within the link, but as one commenter pointed out, it wasn’t anything a user could save or zoom in on.

The Cardinals later posted a screensaver with the full schedule β€” 58 minutes after the schedule was released.

The only video posted by the Cardinals on Wednesday was produced as part of a partnership with a ticket resale company, highlighting local graffiti artists. The only mention of the schedule was the same graphic at the very end of the clip.

Arizona lost the schedule reveal contest for the second consecutive year.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders pulled a Titans and posted two schedule reveal videos, with a simple TikTok-style video coming 51 minutes after their actual reveal. Their initial reveal video was well-produced, but it didn’t meet the moment.

Captioned “no gimmicks” by Las Vegas’ social media team, the video was exactly that. It served as a well-produced trailer for the 2024 season, dramatizing the idea of what it means to be a Raider.

If you’re a Raiders fan, it probably fired you up. There’s just one problem: It’s the middle of May. This is the kind of video the Raiders would have better off posting on the night of Sept. 7, one day before their Week 1 game.

It’s perfectly alright to have some fun with the schedule reveal, and the Raiders didn’t do that at all. In fact, the schedule isn’t even part of the trailer-style video. You have to watch until the final seconds just to see the schedule pop up.

The Raiders deserve credit for production value, but that’s about it.

New York Giants

The Giants posted a video asking New Yorkers if they cared about schedule reveal videos an hour before the schedule was released. Then they took their own fans’ advice by simply tweeting out a graphic with the schedule.

It’s a cute idea, but is it a cop-out? Possibly.

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Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks got one thing right after last year, when they didn’t post any video and only posted a thread of album covers for each game on the schedule later in the night. This time, they started their thread right at 8 p.m. ET. Unfortunately, that’s all it was.

Seattle posted a superhero-themed video featuring Devon Witherspoon, Tariq Woolen and Charles Cross, but it went up an hour before the reveal and therefore didn’t have the schedule. The Seahawks then posted a thread for each game, presenting each matchup with a custom comic book cover. It was pretty well-done. It also didn’t get much engagement because it’s not a video, much like last year.

The video previewing the reveal proved the Seahawks are capable of putting together a strong video for the actual reveal. Maybe one of these years they’ll make one.

Buffalo Bills 

The best schedule reveal videos actually find a way to incorporate the schedule into the plot. If we all wanted to see a movie, we would just pull up Netflix (actually, it turns out the NFL is on there too).

The Bills did put together a fine production, referencing “Parks and Recreation” and character Andy Dwyer’s life in “the pit,” but it’s not a reference most fans will immediately understand. Buffalo gets credit for the double reference, as “the pit” where the franchise’s new stadium is being constructed became something of a mystical place during the Bills’ win streak in 2023. 

However, it isn’t until the two-minute mark of a 2:41 video that Allen starts to reveal the Bills’ schedule, and no dates or times are listed until the 2:32 mark. It’s always nice to see the lighter side of Allen’s personality, but waiting until the very end of the video to even hint at the schedule puts the Bills’ reveal near the bottom.



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