Giants’ 2024 schedule: How many teams face Big Blue off bye week?

The New York Giants are looking to stay competitive in the third year under the current regime, but they received no favors on the 2024 schedule.

Holding one of the tougher strengths of schedules in a division that should be highly competitive, the Giants face an uphill battle to return to the playoffs for just the second time since the 2017 season.

A small note from their schedule includes how many teams they will face coming off a bye week. Fortunately, the Giants are right in the middle of the crowd in that regard.

The Giants will face two opponents coming off a bye week in 2024. The Week 12 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Week 15 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Giants also will be coming off a bye week when they host the Buccaneers, though, so that softens the blow in that regard.

The game against the Ravens is one the Giants won’t be favored in any way if things remain the same, but it makes that matchup even more difficult.


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