Nathaniel Hackett addresses offseason rumors, Jets future ahead of 2024 season

The Jets’ offense struggled mightily in 2023 with Nathaniel Hackett as offensive coordinator.

Yes, New York didn’t have Aaron Rodgers under center, but Hackett failed to utilize the skill position players around him to build a competent offense that didn’t rely on the defense to save the team in games. All that led to reports this offseason that the Jets “made legitimate attempts” to effectively replace Hackett with someone else to run the offense in 2024.

Naturally, the Jets denied all such rumors. Head coach Robert Saleh confirmed that Hackett will remain the team’s primary offensive play-caller this season and called the 2023 season “a tremendous learning experience for everybody.”

Hackett, meanwhile, said he didn’t know where the reports of a potential replacement came from and that the issues have “already been addressed.” He added that the Jets “were talking to a lot of people” about different jobs and joining the team, but didn’t confirm if any were for offensive staff positions. When asked directly about if he believed Saleh still has confidence in him as the team’s play-caller, Hackett said, “Yes.”

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Rodgers, perhaps the biggest advocate for Hackett despite the lack of success in 2023, said Tuesday that he appreciated how Hackett handled the adversity this past season. 

“There’s a lot of faith in him with me,” Rodgers said about Hackett, “and obviously with Robert.” 

There was really no other way the Jets could have played this report. Any hint of admission of its validity would undermine Hackett’s position on the team and create yet another distraction for the Jets in 2024. Since he’s still on the team, the only way to move is forward with the plan as it is with Hackett calling the plays.

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The biggest change is Saleh’s contribution to the offense this year. Jets owner Woody Johnson told reporters in February that Saleh would be more involved on that side of the ball in 2024. Rodgers and Hackett confirmed this as well. How much of an influence the defensive-minded head coach will have remains to be seen, but the offense does appear to be more of a collaborative project between Saleh, Hackett and Rodgers than previously realized.

A lot is riding on the Jets in 2024. Rodgers’ health will be at the forefront of the team’s success or failure and the results will likely determine the futures of Rodgers, Saleh and Hackett in 2025 and beyond. For now, though, it’s full steam ahead toward the 2024 season.


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