Timberwolves fans sound off on Draymond Green ahead of Western Conference Finals Game 1

Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves don’t like Draymond Green.

Green is one of the biggest instigators in the National Basketball Association. He is a great defender, but lets his aggressiveness get the best of him far too often. That has led to some suspensions but that’s not why Timberwolves fans gave him the business on Wednesday night.

Green talked a lot of smack on the Timberwolves during his time with the TNT crew covering the series with the Denver Nuggets, specifically with Rudy Gobert’s performance against Nikola Jokic in game five.

This wasn’t a great take for many reasons, but specifically, because the team is where they are because of Gobert. He also played decent defense and wasn’t given credit because he got beat by the MVP making insane shots consistently. The Wolves fans haven’t been happy with him and since TNT’s set is on the concourse, they let Green have it.

Credit to Green for keeping his composure while fans on the concourse told him how they feel. However, Wolves fans don’t forget and this could become a common theme.

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