AEW Double or Nothing: Jack Perry set on fire during main event

During the fifth anniversary weekend of All Elite Wrestling, their Double or Nothing pay-per-view set the bar once again. The sixth rendition of their inaugural show brought multiple great matches and moments, but none topped what happened to Jack Perry in the Anarchy in the Arena main event.

The match itself is exactly what you might think. Two teams (The Elite vs. AEW) fight throughout the arena and there are no rules. Pretty simple right? Except Darby Allin took things to another level by introducing a flamethrower and setting Perry on fire.

Yes, you read that correctly. Perry, the son of the late actor Luke Perry, was set on fire.

At the end of the match, Perry ended up getting the pin on Bryan Danielson thanks to the fire extinguishers. Did they end up taking things too far? Considering how well these matches are laid out, not at all. These athletes know what the risks are and they do what they are comfortable with.

Can they top this? We’ve said it before in wrestling that it can’t be topped, but it always happens.


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