How the Chiefs’ athleticism ranks among rest of NFL

Analytics are engrained in sports. No sport doesn’t use them in some way, shape or form.

Football was a sport slow to the movement. Once it got there, it took over. Now we see analytic stats listed on websites and shown on broadcasts.

One piece of data that’s used is called the Relative Athletic Score. Derek Tate of Pro Football Network wrote an article explaining what the meaning behind RAS is and how it helps scouts:

“For those unfamiliar with RAS, this evaluation formula — created by Kent Lee Platte — collects a multitude of a player’s testing metrics and physical attributes to generate a score to measure a prospect’s athleticism entering the NFL. The final number is determined by what percentile a player falls relative to their peers at a particular position.”

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The Chiefs, coming off their second consecutive Super Bowl championship, are looking to become the first team to ever win three consecutive titles. To do that, Kansas City will need to rely on its playmakers. Fortunately, the Chiefs have some of the most athletic players in the NFL recently, per RAS, and can build on the success of their past two seasons in 2024.

Here’s how the Chiefs’ RAS ranks among the rest of the NFL.

How the Chiefs’ athleticism ranks among rest of NFL

The Chiefs ranked 13th in team RAS rating, per Platte. That doesn’t seem quite right, does it? Why would the team others fear on offense be ranked so middle of the pack?

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What’s even more of a head-scratcher is where they ranked in 2020-2022 according to Platte, and how they’ve adapted in recent years.

Chiefs seem to be focusing more on athleticism lately, with their 2023 and 2024 rosters rating fairly highly,” he wrote, “but their 2020-2022 rosters were mid tier or lower and there isn’t much of a pattern over time that I can see.

Here are the Chiefs’ top RAS players, led by center Creed Humphrey:

How Chiefs’ RAS affects explosive play rate

Platte’s quote on the Chiefs being ranked higher going into this season compared to where they were a few years ago is interesting. Remember when the Chiefs were one of the most high-flying and explosive offenses in the NFL? There was also the 2018 Mexico game against the Rams some consider the greatest regular season game ever. It ended in a 54-51 Rams win. That game was a signal of things to come.

When Tyreek Hill was traded, people thought this offense would fall by the wayside. Contrary to popular belief, the exact opposite happened:

Looking at the years they were this explosive, their RAS was ranked much lower. With their RAS being rated higher, and a concentration placed on improving the offense — expect an uptick in explosive plays.

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We’ve already heard talk of the deep ball returning. The highlights of OTAs were the offensive guys being excited, and the defensive guys being just as excited. Why? Because this team is returning to form after only a year “off” of their norm. Their “norm” is having one of the scariest offenses in football backed by a solid defense. Last year, they did it by defense. Now, they look to bring the offense back up to their lofty standards, while maintaining their tenacious defense.


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