4 potential trade destinations for Bulls guard Zach LaVine

For the past six years, Chicago Bulls shooting guard Zach LaVine has averaged nearly 25 points, four-plus assists, four-plus rebounds, and one steal per game. He’s made the All-Star team twice, shot 38.5% from three and averaged just under 60 games played per season. Few teams boast someone as prolific as LaVine and many would want a player with that robust stat line.

However, a history of injuries and a giant salary stands in the way of him finding a new NBA home. LaVine is owed more than $89 million over the next seasons, and then he has a $48,967,380 player option in 2026-27.

In recent years, the Bulls had a steep asking price for LaVine, but the price has dropped significantly as of late, according to NBC Sports Chicago. But while both LaVine and the Bulls seem to recognize that it’s time to move on from their frayed relationship that has spanned seven seasons, finding a home for the 29-year-old former first-round pick is tough. Below we’ve come up with four potential landing spots for LaVine — four teams who could use his combination of scoring and play-making while taking on his sizable contract.

Philadelphia 76ers

Chicago Bulls get: Draft picks

Philadelphia 76ers get: Zach LaVine

This summer, the Philadelphia 76ers will have only Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and Paul Reed on their books. That leaves a sizeable amount of open cap space to play with. Rumors abound that the team plans to pursue Paul George in free agency. But it’s also quite possible George will stay in his hometown of Los Angeles with the Clippers. If the 76ers strike out on their first option, could they pivot to LaVine? If the price is right, perhaps. Maybe all they’d have to give up is a low first-round pick or even a second-round pick or two?

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Los Angeles Lakers

Chicago Bulls get: D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, Gabe Vincent

Los Angeles Lakers get: Zach LaVine

Would the Bulls accept a trio of salaries for their former two-time All-Star? Would the Lakers take a flier on LaVine to put him alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the hopes that he can stay healthy in the SoCal sun? If LaVine was able to post an All-Star-caliber season, that could mean a lot for the Lakers — a top-four of James, Davis, LaVine, and Austin Reaves could earn the Lakers a top-six seed in the Western Conference, but it would be a big gamble.

Phoenix Suns

Chicago Bulls get: Bradley Beal

Phoenix Suns get: Zach LaVine

This would just be a your-bad-contract-for-my-bad-contract trade. Both the Bulls and Suns under performed this past season. Perhaps Bradley Beal would fare better in Chicago with a point guard (Coby White) and maybe LaVine is the bigger wing that the Suns need. A change of scenery could be the best for all parties.

Sacramento Kings

Chicago Bulls get: Harrison Barnes, Kevin Huerter, Trey Lyles

Sacramento Kings get: Zach LaVine

After ending their postseason drought in 2022-23, the Kings missed the playoffs this season, so they could look to shake things up. Could the team package three rotation players for a possible lottery ticket in LaVine? Could a trio of De’Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis, and LaVine along with a rising young player in Keegan Murray ensure a top-six seed out West? It could be worth a shot.


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