Detroit Lions may get infusion of cap space as calendar turns to June

The Detroit Lions may have even more cap space to work with this weekend, as the team might save some money thanks to the post-June 1 release of Cameron Sutton.

We say might because the assumption is Sutton’s $9 million guarantee was voided because of his legal troubles, although that isn’t 100% certain, according to Over the Cap.

If that guarantee was voided, the Lions will be on the hook for dead-cap hits of $2.18 million in 2024 and $6.54 million in 2025. However, in that scenario, the move also frees up significant cap space this year, and $10.5 million to be exact.

If the guarantee is not voided, the Lions will not add any cap space to their current total and will be on the hook for $12.68 million this year and $6.54 million in 2025.

Should the former scenario be the case, the Lions are set to have a whopping $40.5 million in effective cap space (the cap space a team will have after signing at least 51 players and its projected rookie class to its roster), according to Over the Cap.

The Lions were already flying high in terms of money to work with, but they would rank third in the NFL in effective cap space at that figure. Only the New England Patriots ($46.5 million) and Arizona Cardinals ($43.4 million) have more.

It’s incredible to think that a team as talented as the Lions might have even more to work with, but here we are. As talented as the roster is, Detroit can still make more additions to help them out for a season in which they have serious Super Bowl aspirations.

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Adding another interior defensive lineman, edge rusher, wide receiver and/or safety wouldn’t be a bad idea for general manager Brad Holmes, and chances are anyone they add would be on a one-year pact, so it won’t impact the salary cap in 2025.


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