Former Patriots WR says Tom Brady isn’t the most-talented QB he played with

Denver Broncos wide receiver Phillip Dorsett played for the New England Patriots for three seasons, longer than any other team he played for.

In those three years, he recorded 73 receptions for 881 yards and eight touchdowns. All of those totals are more than his with other teams.

Despite playing with Tom Brady, who is widely considered the greatest quarterback of all time, Brady isn’t Dorsett’s answer for the best quarterback he played with.

“I always say this to everybody,” Dorsett said on the “The Money Down Podcast” with his former teammate James White. “People ask me because they know I played with Tom. They’re like, ‘Dang, who was the best quarterback you played with?’ I’m like, ‘Be honest with you, when it comes to talent, it was Andrew Luck, for sure. Talent-wise, Andrew was different. He was just a natural-born leader. He was still young, and the way he carried himself you would think this man was a 10-year vet.

“He was tough as hell, athletic… Bro, when you watch him play basketball, you’re like, ‘Damn, like, this man is really an all-around athlete. He had a strong arm, was smart, was accurate. It’s just injuries, bro. It’s football.”

It’s obvious that there are better athletes that play quarterback than Brady. Some have better arms, while others are more mobile.

However, Brady’s accuracy and ability to read defenses are what took him to the next level. It just depends on what you consider talent. 


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