Copa America winners: Full list of champions for tournament history, including Argentina and Brazil

First hosted in 1916 under the name of the South American Championship, and known since 1975 by its current name, the Copa America brings together the best football teams from that continent, with almost 50 editions now under its belt.

Throughout more than 100 years of history, the Copa America has had eight different champions, all of them coming from the CONMEBOL region.

It is worth remembering that CONCACAF teams from North and Central America have participated in various editions since 1993, and that countries from other continents have also been invited in the past, without great success in terms of results.

The 2024 edition will continue that tradition, as teams from North and Central America will also be involved in a tournament hosted in the USA.

Here, we review all the champions of the Copa America, since its very first edition.

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Copa America winners: Full list of champions

The Copa America was originally known as the South American Championship from 1916, before being renamed under its current title from 1975 onwards.

Year Host Winner
1916 Argentina Uruguay
1917 Uruguay Uruguay
1919 Brazil Brazil
1920 Chili Uruguay
1921 Argentina Argentina
1922 Brazil Brazil
1923 Uruguay Uruguay
1924 Uruguay Uruguay
1925 Argentina Argentina
1926 Chili Uruguay
1927 Peru Argentina
1929 Argentina Argentina
1935 Peru Uruguay
1937 Argentina Argentina
1939 Peru Peru
1941 Chili Argentina
1942 Uruguay Uruguay
1945 Chili Argentina
1946 Argentina Argentina
1947 Ecuador Argentina
1949 Brazil Brazil
1953 Peru Paraguay
1955 Chili Argentina
1956 Uruguay Uruguay
1957 Peru Argentina
1959 Argentina Argentina
1959 Ecuador Uruguay
1963 Bolivia Bolivia
1967 Uruguay Uruguay
1975 * Peru
1979 * Paraguay
1983 * Uruguay
1987 Argentina Uruguay
1989 Brazil Brazil
1991 Chili Argentina
1993 Ecuador Argentina
1995 Uruguay Uruguay
1997 Bolivia Brazil
1999 Paraguay Brazil
2001 Colombia Colombia
2004 Peru Brazil
2007 Venezuela Brazil
2011 Argentina Uruguay
2015 Chili Chili
2016 USA Chili
2019 Brazil Brazil
2021 Brazil Argentina
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* In 1975, 1979 and 1983 the tournament did not have a single venue. Instead, it was played in the different stadiums of the participating countries.

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Who has won the most Copa America titles?

Argentina and Uruguay are tied as the teams with the most titles throughout history: both have won the Copa America (or at the time, the South American Championship) 15 times. Brazil appears in third place, with 9 title triumphs.

Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia and Bolivia have also managed to win the competition. Venezuela and Ecuador are the only CONMEBOL teams without Copa America titles, while Mexico is the only CONCACAF representative to reach a final: El Tri was runner-up in 1993 and 2001.

Country Titles
Argentina 15
Uruguay 15
Brazil 9
Peru 2
Chili 2
Paraguay 2
Colombia 1
Bolivia 1


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