What Vince Young is up to now, thoughts on Texas joining SEC

Let’s forget about the awkward mix-up that went viral today when a Golf Channel reporter mistakenly mistook The Citadel’s assistant football coach Everette Sands (where he also played) for Texas’ legendary quarterback Vince Young on air. (Also kudos to Sands for handling it like an absolute champ.)

Both men are in Greer, South Carolina for the Korn Ferry Tour’s BMW Charity Pro-Am.

Some local media outlets did interview the correct Vince Young, and he gave an update on what he’s been up to these days.

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According to the former Longhorn, who led Texas to one of the most epic national championships at the Rose Bowl against USC, 41-38, with his come-from-behind heroics, Young spends most of his time trying to improve his golf game (he’s a 17 handicap index for those that play), hanging at his Vince Young Steakhouse (going on 18 years now), and supporting his alma mater by attending games and practices with Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian’s encouragement.

Last year, Sarkisian had mentioned Young was calling out players for not hustling. (And yes, there was the alleged incident earlier this year where it appears Young gets sucker-punched at a bar in Houston.)

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“I tend to go to the steakhouse a lot to say thank you to a lot of people” Young told FOX Carolina News at a local charity event. “Take pictures. [Sign] autographs. It’s been a milestone in Austin and I’m really proud of it.”

And what are his thoughts about Texas joining the SEC?

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“Texas being in the SEC is going to be fun. It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be a tough year, but I feel like we’re where we need to be. The big school that we are, we always compete on the higher level. Playing in the SEC is a high level of competitiveness, so I’m looking forward to playing these different games… Georgia is going to be a good game this year. I’m looking forward to it.”

With Young’s well chronicled volatile past and bankruptcy, it seems like he’s finally in a good place. 

So then why did he take up golf, the most frustrating game of all time?


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