Yankees’ Gleyber Torres makes utterly embarrassing error on easy pop up

New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres has a knack for making difficult plays look easy with his smooth style of play.

But sometimes his style in the field can be construed as nonchalant. When he makes a play, it’s beautiful. However, when he doesn’t, it looks downright embarrassing.

During the third inning of Friday night’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Torres had one of those plays that looked embarrassing.

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On a fly ball to shallow right field, Torres correctly made the call to wave off Anthony Rizzo. But what happened next was simply a bad look.

Forget using two hands. At least make it appear as if you’re trying to look the ball into the glove.

The bone-headed error put Kiké Hernandez on base with one out with Cody Poteet on the mound making his third start of the season and second start since Clarke Schmidt was placed on the injured list.

Fortunately for Torres, Poteet picked up his teammate by picking Hernandez off at first base with a nasty move.

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