NFL analyst makes bold prediction about Rams and Aaron Donald

The Los Angeles Rams spent the 2024 offseason retooling their entire roster in the wake of Aaron Donald‘s retirement, adding Jared Verse and Braden Fiske to the defensive line and adding a slew of veteran free agents to their secondary. 

However, one analyst thinks Donald might not be able to resist returning to LA for one final playoff push.

Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr released his 100 Bold Predictions for the NFL season. One of the many he made for the Rams was Donald unretiring and joining the Rams in a playoff run. 

“Have you ever seen that guy? Do you think for a moment he’s not going to remain incredibly ripped? Or that he’d unregister his hands as lethal weapons? Donald has put together a Hall of Fame career, but when his coach calls around Halloween and pitches him on a sweetheart deal that allows Donald to practice sparingly but still come in and absolutely destroy game plans on the weekend, he won’t say no.”

Keep in mind that Rams general manager Les Snead hinted at something like this happening (potentially…maybe…) shortly after the 2024 draft while making an appearance on the Rich Eisen show. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, especially if the Rams are doing everything in their power to make a Super Bowl run this season. 

If the Rams are as successful as I, and many others, think they can be, it might be too tempting for Donald to avoid trying for just one more ring. Donald doesn’t need to do anything more to cement his legacy as one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL, but two Super Bowl rings are better than one. 

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