Euro 2024 betting lines and odds today: Match schedule, soccer predictions, bets and results with Mbappe and Ronaldo both in action

The UEFA European Championship is always a massive draw, situated exactly halfway through each World Cup cycle and satiating every football fan’s appetite for high-leverage international matches in the summer months.

With the biggest club leagues on a break, Euro 2024 sees many of the top stars from across Europe challenge for a highly coveted trophy and four years of bragging rights.

Defending champions Italy won the most recent title in a COVID-delayed tournament in 2021, despite having failed to qualify for the World Cup two years earlier. But they are out in 2024, after being beaten by Switzerland in the Round of 16.

The Sporting News brings you all the updated odds for today’s games, as well as the most up-to-date futures for who is most likely to win the tournament, given the results already completed to this point.

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Euro 2024 odds and betting today for soccer games Monday, July 1

All odds and futures via BetMGM in the USA.

France vs. Belgium prediction, odds

Les Bleus were underwhelming in the group stage, but it’s impossible to back Belgium after their repeated failures in front of goal.

The Red Devils scored just two goals in the group stage despite 48 total shots (4th best in the group stage) and 4.34 xG (8th-best in group stage). Their -2.34 xG differential is third-worst of any side in the group stage, behind just Croatia and…France.

Yes, France. Les Bleus were awful in front of net in the group stage, also only managing two goals, but Belgium’s struggles in this area go back much longer than France, making them harder to back for a turnaround. Belgium had the same problem at the 2022 World Cup, as their -3.81 xG differential (1 goal on 4.81 xG) saw them crash out in the group stage.

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France win (90 min) -110
Draw +225
Belgium win (90 min) +333
Both teams
to score
Y: -105
N: -135
Over / Under
2.5 goals
O: +110
U: -155
to qualify
to qualify

Portugal vs. Slovenia prediction, odds

Portugal were poor against Georgia, but they made multiple changes to the lineup with their fate already sealed, and still generated a solid amount of attacking pressure.

On the other end, they conceded just four “big chances” through the three games, and only three if you remove the penalty won by Georgia, which is a somewhat artificially-generated “chance.”

Slovenia will bunker and keep Portugal from unleashing fury, but it will be largely one-way traffic, which should lead to a relatively elementary result for Cristiano Ronaldo and company.

Portugal win -275
Draw +380
Slovenia win +825
Both teams
to score
Y: +130
N: -190
Over / Under
2.5 goals
O: -120
U: -120
to qualify
to qualify

Euro 2024 odds, futures to win tournament

England entered the 2024 summer tournament as favorites to win the title, as their star power surpassed that of nearly all other participating nations. Here’s how the latest odds look.

Odds via BetMGM in USA, updated as of July 1, 2024.

Nation Best finish Odds to win
England Runners-up (2020) +350
Spain Winners (3x, last 2012) +400
Germany Winners (3x, last 1996) +450
France Winners (2x, last 2000) +650
Portugal Winners (2016) +700
Netherlands Winners (1988) +1100
Switzerland Quarterfinals (2020) +1400
Austria Round of 16 (2020) +1600
Belgium Runners-up (1980) +3300
Turkey Semifinals (2008) +5000
Romania Quarterfinals (2016) +12,500
Slovenia Group Stage (2000) +25,000
Georgia First appearance Eliminated
Slovakia Winners (1976)* Eliminated
Denmark Winners (1992) Eliminated
Italy Winners (2x, last 2020) Eliminated
Hungary Semifinals (2x, last 1972) Eliminated
Ukraine Quarterfinals (2020) Eliminated
Czechia Winners (1976) Eliminated
Croatia Quarterfinals (2x, last 2008) Eliminated
Serbia Runners-up (2x, last 1968) Eliminated
Albania Group Stage (2016) Eliminated
Poland Quarterfinals (2016) Eliminated
Scotland Group Stage (3x, last 2020) Eliminated

* As part of former Czechoslovakia

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Euro 2024 results so far

Date Result Stage Venue
June 14 Germany 5-1 Scotland Group A, Matchday 1 Allianz Arena (Munich)
June 15 Hungary 1-3 Switzerland Group A, Matchday 1 RheinEnergieStadion (Cologne)
June 15 Spain 3-0 Croatia Group B, Matchday 1 Olympiastadion (Berlin)
June 15 Italy 2-1 Albania Group B, Matchday 1 Westfalenstadion (Dortmund)
June 16 Poland 1-2 Netherlands Group D, Matchday 1 Volksparkstadion (Hamburg)
June 16 Slovenia 1-1 Denmark Group C, Matchday 1 MHPArena (Stuttgart)
June 16 Serbia 0-1 England Group C, Matchday 1 Veltins-Arena (Gelsenkirchen)
June 17 Romania 3-0 Ukraine Group E, Matchday 1 Allianz Arena (Munich)
June 17 Belgium 0-1 Slovakia Group E, Matchday 1 Deutsche Bank Park (Frankfurt)
June 17 Austria 0-1 France Group D, Matchday 1 Merkur Spiel-Arena (Dusseldorf)
June 18 Turkey 3-1 Georgia Group F, Matchday 1 Westfalenstadion (Dortmund)
June 18 Portugal 2-1 Czechia Group F, Matchday 1 Red Bull Arena (Leipzig)
June 19 Croatia 2-2 Albania Group B, Matchday 2 Volksparkstadion (Hamburg)
June 19 Germany 2-0 Hungary Group A, Matchday 2 MHPArena (Stuttgart)
June 19 Scotland 1-1 Switzerland Group A, Matchday 2 RheinEnergieStadion (Cologne)
June 20 Slovenia 1-1 Serbia Group C, Matchday 2 Allianz Arena (Munich)
June 20 England 1-1 Denmark Group C, Matchday 2 Deutsche Bank Park (Frankfurt)
June 20 Spain 1-0 Italy Group B, Matchday 2 Veltins-Arena (Gelsenkirchen)
June 21 Slovakia 1-2 Ukraine Group E, Matchday 2 Merkur Spiel-Arena (Dusseldorf)
June 21 Poland 1-3 Austria Group D, Matchday 2 Olympiastadion (Berlin)
June 21 Netherlands 0-0 France Group D, Matchday 2 Red Bull Arena (Leipzig)
June 22 Georgia 1-1 Czechia Group F, Matchday 2 Volksparkstadion (Hamburg)
June 22 Turkey 0-3 Portugal Group F, Matchday 2 Westfalenstadion (Dortmund)
June 22 Belgium 2-0 Romania Group E, Matchday 2 RheimEnergieStadion (Cologne)
June 23 Switzerland 1-1 Germany Group A, Matchday 3 Deutsche Bank Park (Frankfurt)
June 23 Scotland 0-1 Hungary Group A, Matchday 3 MHPArena (Stuttgart)
June 24 Italy 1-1 Croatia Group B, Matchday 3 Red Bull Arena (Leipzig)
June 24 Albania 0-1 Spain Group B, Matchday 3 Merkur Spiel-Arena (Dusseldorf)
June 25 France 1-1 Poland Group D, Matchday 3 Westfalenstadion (Dortmund)
June 25 Austria 3-2 Netherlands Group D, Matchday 3 Olympiastadion (Berlin)
June 25 England 0-0 Slovenia Group C, Matchday 3 RheinEnergieStadion (Cologne)
June 25 Denmark 0-0 Serbia Group C, Matchday 3 Allianz Arena (Munich)
June 26 Slovakia 0-0 Romania Group E, Matchday 3 Deutsche Bank Park (Frankfurt)
June 26 Belgium 0-0 Ukraine Group E, Matchday 3 MHPArena (Stuttgart)
June 26 Georgia 2-0 Portugal Group F, Matchday 3 Veltins-Arena (Gelsenkirchen)
June 26 Czechia 1-2 Turkey Group E, Matchday 3 Volksparkstadion (Hamburg)
June 29 Switzerland 2-0 Italy Round of 16 Olympiastadion (Berlin)
June 29 Germany 2-0 Denmark Round of 16 Westfalenstadion (Dortmund)
June 30 England 2-1 Slovakia  Round of 16 Veltins-Arena (Gelsenkirchen)
June 30 Spain 4-1 Georgia Round of 16 RheinEnergieStadion (Cologne)
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