Angel Reese and Reese’s Pieces, explained: How WNBA rookie’s fan base could lead to Hershey’s sponsorship

Angel Reese is one of the WNBA’s biggest up-and-coming stars, and she has the fan base to prove it. With a personality as extroverted as hers, what better way to connect with her followers than to give them a shared identity? 

The rookie has gone to social media to express her thoughts on naming her fan base and her chosen nickname is beginning to catch on. So much so that she has a potential brand deal in the works related to the name.

Though she has yet to release merchandise, Reese’s word is about as official as it gets when it comes to her own people. Read what the 2024 WNBA All-Star is up to below.

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What is Angel Reese’s name for her fan base?

Just over a week ago, Reese revealed the name of her fan base on X, formerly Twitter, writing: “Reese’s pieces where yall at?????”

Is Angel Reese sponsored by Hershey’s?

Reese is reportedly in talks with Hershey’s, the chocolate company which produces the Reese’s Pieces and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, TMZ Sports reported Thursday.

This comes after the official Reese’s X account commented on Reese’s initial post about naming her fan base.

A Hershey’s spokesperson told TMZ Sports that they are interested in working with the WNBA star. And Reese has shared in the past that she’s a fan of the chocolate peanut butter candy, even suiting up in custom Reese’s shoes at the end of June. 

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Angel Reese WNBA stats

2023-24 season

  • 13.2 points per game
  • 11.8 rebounds per game*
  • 1.9 assists per game
  • 1.4 steals per game
  • 39.7% field goal shooting
  • 74.2% free throw shooting

*Leads WNBA in category


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