WWE Money In the Bank Results ’24: John Cena drops bombshell news, CM Punk costs McIntyre and more

John Cena is doing … what?!

The rampant success of Clash at the Castle in Scotland has been monumentally built upon well by the WWE over the past several weeks, leading into what promises to be another ridiculously entertaining premium live event when they take the promotion international once again — this time with Money in the Bank being held just north of the border in Toronto.

Not only has Paul Heyman finally turned against The Bloodline, and paid for it in terrible fashion, but the debut of Jacob Fatu runs (breaking Cody Rhodes’ ribs in the process) alongside the earth-shattering debut of The Wyatt Sicks (6) and the return of Seth “Freaking” Rollins from injury to offer up a jaw-dropping stipulation for WWE Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest and … well …

That’s just the beginning of the carnage that’s occurred since the return from Scotland.


There was also the matter of Drew McIntyre being robbed in Glasgow by CM Punk only to quit two days later and then, four days after that declaration, sending a bloodied and broken Punk to a hospital in his hometown of Chicago — though McIntyre has now stamped his ticket to MITB.

So it was a perfect time for Punk to reemerge for revenge.

And boy, did he ever. 

Both briefcases have now been secured, one already lost, an old rivalry has been ignited, a rookie is on track for a possible title run, and an active legend narrowly escaped a rabid dog in Toronto.

All of that and more from the fireworks in Canada awaits you below!!

RAW Recap (July 1)


SmackDown Recap (July 5)


Cena Calls It a Career

John Cena has been mulling it for awhile now, but it’s now official.

One of the greatest to ever step into a wrestling ring has called it a career, making this run to Wrestlemania 41 his swan song, retiring thereafter. A 16-time WWE champion, Cena recently returned for a run that attempted to put over Solo Sikoa during the Roman Reigns version of The Bloodline, and made an appearance at Wrestlemania 40 to help Cody Rhodes topple Reigns to finish the story. 

Currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Cena has made quite the life for himself both in the WWE and outside of it, but rumors of his body wearing down —requiring several surgeries since his last return — and it’s clear that’s weighed heavily on his decision.

The good news is that Cena will give the WWE Universe a few more matches, at upcoming PLEs that includes Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, per him, with the final one being in Las Vegas next April, or so that’s what was initially “heard” by the Universe.

He later clarified in the post-even press conference that he will wrestle through December 2025, and that next year’s ‘Mania will be his final Showcase of the Immortals.

His retirement tour kicked off with him calling out anyone in the locker room willing to catch hands, because nobody can see him.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Men’s)

Jey Uso vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Andrade vs. Chad Gable vs. LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre

Result: Drew McIntyre wins

Reaction: Things popped off within this group on Smackdown only 24 hours prior, when Andrade got tired of McIntyre belittling the other five contenders and went upside the Scottish warrior’s head, only to find himself thrown out of the ring with everyone else except for the final two men standing — Jey Uso and LA Knight finishing by teaming up to get McIntyre out of the ring before completing the staredown they started during their Yeet vs. Yeah battle prior to the brawl ensuing.

McIntyre had already made his point though, and a large part of it was inside of his promise to not only win the briefcase, but to also immediately cash it in on Saturday night against either WWE Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest or Seth Rollins, depending on the outcome of their match.

But could he get it done? And would CM Punk allow it to happen??

Time is a snitch, so it would eventually tell.

Knight and Uso teamed up again to get McIntyre out of the ring early in this one, clearing the ring before squaring off one-on-one. Before they could get active against each other, Gable and Hayes slid ladders into the ring and distracted them, McIntyre then using a ladder to wipe out all comers before attempting to climb the ladder; but Gable would have none of it.

An arm bar on the ladder stopped McIntyre in his tracks, only to be met with a leg drop off of the top rope by Andrade that nearly put Gable’s head into a ladder that was directly beneath him on the mat.


Before Andrade could make his ascension, it was Hayes taking him out with an acrobatic rope maneuver but the luchador tried to end Hayes with yet another dynamic move, an inverted Spanish Fly off of the Bret Rope and onto a ladder behind them. 

While they recovered, Uso and McIntyre got to work before Gable rejoined the action, passing out German Suplexes and a Chaos Theory to Hayes after catching him in mid-air before rolling into the move.

Knight kept him from grabbing the briefcase, though. He’d go on to direct his fury at Hayes, a personal one for Knight due to the feud on SmackDown between those two superstars. Hayes hit Knight with the First 48 and nearly got the briefcase but, nope, because Gable wasn’t out of the party quite yet.

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There was more action in this match than in any one of the Die Hard movies.

Seriously, yippie ky yay … you know the rest.

Knight and Uso finally met, atop the ladder, to exchange Yeet and Yeah punches and Uso very nearly got to the briefcase before Hayes pushed the ladder over entirely.

Uso was able to get his hands on the briefcase but McIntyre literally threw a ladder at him from the ground to knock him off, and then climbed the ladder himself and took the ‘case.

McIntyre is Mr. Money in the Bank 2024.

And now … on to Part 2 of his plan…

Intercontinental Championship 

Sami Zayn (c) vs. Bron Breakker

Result: Sami Zayn wins clean (pinfall)

Reaction: Breakker is on a trajectory that not many rookies have the ability to create, and it’s even caught the eye of legends like Lex Luger and Matt Hardy, who both see “unlimited potential” in the young Steiner; and rightfully so. 

His bookings have been rapidly escalating from throwaway matches that demonstrate his raw brutality to high-level combat that pushed his abilities to the brink, but matching up against the heart and talent of Sami Zayn — in his home country, no less — is an entirely different ball of wax.

It’s the entire candle factory, if that factory was also on fire.

Zayn’s match at Wrestlemania 40 against Gunther to take the IC title was a classic display of how he refuses to give up and you very nearly have to kill him to put him down for a three-count or a submission. And now that he’s felt the wrath of Breakker’s spear, you can bet he’s scouted for it and prepared himself physically to recover from that impact.

It’s a rookie sensation against a future Hall of Famer still in his prime. 

“I’m walking into that ring and I’m going to physically destroy Sami Zayn,” Breakker said during the pregame activities. 

He then came out to new ring music.

So let’s get it on … 

A slap to the face by Zayn, however, reminded everyone he fears no man, as did the Arabian Press onto Breakker’s head outside of the ring. The action spilled back into the squared circle and, at the time, Zayn had momentum convincingly in his favor — until the 23 mph ring run clothesline hit the champion like a ton of bricks with a supercharger connected to them.

Breakker’s strength was on full display throughout the entire match, but the crowd yelling “let’s go Sami” helped power him through the temporary onslaught, and Breakker mocking the Canadian fans only pissed off Zayn that much more.

A Tornado DDT paused Breakker’s taunts and flaunts, rookie errors Bron couldn’t afford.

The physicality of Breakker is just so much for anyone to overcome though, and Zayn wound up getting a lot more punishment before it was over, but a Blue Thunderbomb kept the Canadian alive at the most critical point of the match; although a FrankenSTEINer kept Zayn on his heels … and his back … a little while longer.

And leaping clothesline from the ring onto Zayn that nearly put him through the announcer’s table helped his case as well, but he was limping a bit after that high-risk move.

Uh oh. 

Back in the ring, an Exploder into the corner set Breakker up for the Helluva Kick that ended with knees to Zayn’s face and a Gorilla Push Slam that might’ve ended Zayn if Breakker went for the pinfall, but he didn’t … and another attempt at a Helluva Kick landed square.

1 … 2 … 3…. 


WWE Heavyweight Championship

Damian Priest (c) vs. Seth Rollins

Result: Priest wins due to interference (pinfall)

Reaction: It’s no secret that The Judgment Day had is fair share of problems before Rhea Ripley was forced to vacate her title due to injury, absent from all of WWE since as she recovers. Things are precipitously worse without her in the mix though, and Priest is only halfway interested in trying to keep the faction from imploding thanks to the machinations of WWE Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan.

The other half of Priest’s mindset is on proving TJD “needs me a whole lot more than I need them”, a comment that infuriated Finn Balor, but Priest’s match against Rollins, who returned from injury himself recently to try and recover the title, will either prove that to be true … or false.

If Priest wins, it would mark his second PLE victory since cashing in the MITB briefcase to take the belt off of McIntyre, having taken it off of Rollins, defeating McIntyre at Clash at the Castle with the help of CM Punk. 

If Priest loses, he must give up the belt and his seat within TJD.

Despite the stipulation, he’s continually told Balor and Co. to “stay out of my business” and not interfere with this match … but … have they ever listened to him?

Exactly, and that’s a part of the problem.

“Whatever you want, boss,” said Balor, sarcastically, before the match.

Rollins went right for The Pedigree but was pushed away before Priest went right for the South of Heaven chokeslam, to no avail, but the exchange showed neither were interested in going 12 rounds with the other. 

All the while, both had McIntyre on their minds, evidenced by Rollins pausing his attack on Priest to stare at the ramp and yell out, “Come on, Drew!” before reasserting himself against El Campeon and that included some fairly new moves from the top rope that Priest couldn’t have scouted for. 

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Ah, the visionary. 

Priest regained leverage after an ice cold clothesline before he stared down the ramp as well, concerned with McIntyre’s plan a.k.a. psychological warfare. It cost him in the moment, as Rollins recovered and began inflicting more damage. 

This bout actually did end up going the proverbial 12 rounds, and Priest began taunting Rollins with a group of humiliating slaps that fired Rollins up and the fight was really on from that point forward … and a Stomp (that didn’t land square) nearly got him the victory before Priest kicked out at two.

“You wanna be a man? Stand on your own two feet!” yelled Rollins.

And so he did, then gave him a Razor’s Edge as thanks for his motivation, but the match continued.

It was clear, at this point, that this match was likely Rollins being used to help establish the defection of Priest from The Judgment Day, even if Priest were to win. 

And then it happened: CONTROVERSY.

Rollins landed a Falcon Arrow and got the three-count but the referee stopped at three even though it was an actual three-count, McIntyre cashed in as promised to make it a three-man match and a Claymore attempt on Rollins resulted in a clothesline by Priest. McIntyre recovered and was all set to finish off Priest … but then … 


Punk beat the living sh-t out of Mcintyre, and with a steel chair as well, all but eliminating him from the match before grabbing the title belt himself and walking into the ring to hit McIntyre in the face with it — then sitting down on the announcer’s table to enjoy what happened next.

A South of Heaven Chokeslam ended McIntyre and the match, and the MITB briefcase was rendered completely and utterly useless by Punk; and he also cost Rollins the title in the process, reigniting that feud as well. 

McIntyre vs. Punk. 

Rollins vs. Punk. 

Rollins vs. McIntyre.

Rollins vs. Priest.

Priest vs. McIntyre.


Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Women’s)

Iyo Sky vs. Chelsea Green vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Naomi vs. Zoey Stark

Result: Stratton wins

Reaction: Nothing about the lineup for this match would allow the WWE Universe to leave disappointed in the fight itself, given how over each of these ladies are and while Zoey Stark isn’t exactly equal to the others in that regard, she’s had impressive bookings and the fact Trish Stratus returned to host the MITB event created a sense of potential revenge hanging in the air between the Hall of Famer and Stark.

Sky is rabid to recover her title, last year’s Ms. MITB, Valkyria and Stratton have both been hotter than the surface of the sun in their young careers on WWE RAW and SmackDown, Naomi is a future Hall of Famer who is still opening cans of whoop ass and Chelsea Green could not possibly be more entertaining with her mic work.

There’s also a hint at a potential push for Green, and she’s here for a reason. Her successfully sneaky ways, and command of Piper Niven, loomed large heading into this one. 

It didn’t take long for the ring to be cleared, shortly after Green tried to quickly end it all by .. um … jumping up and down hoping the briefcase would fall to her or that she’d somehow fly upward to it like an apparition in the movie Ghost. 

That was before Sky took control of things. A back-and-forth between Sky and Stratton was a highlight of the match, and a Meteora into Stratton’s head with the ladder behind her in the corner was eloquent violence.

Valkyria wanted a piece of Sky though, and this isn’t their first go, considering the former defeated the latter in the 2024 Queen of the Ring tournament. 

Naomi and Stark got back in the mix by going at it themselves, before Stratton tried to suplex the future Hall of Famer, and while that didn’t work, a flip into a spinebuster onto a ladder certainly did, and that sound you likely heard was Naomi’s brain bouncing against her skull.

She’d then flip off of the top rope onto Stark, Valkryia and Naomi.

Leave it to Green to use it as an opportunity to set the ladder up, her fear of heights and all being another opponent of hers to overcome. Sky dismissed her easily and disrespectfully, though. Plenty of chaos jumped off with every passing moment, and there often was no predicting who would walk away with the briefcase. 

At one point, Green’s shenanigans turned into actual wrestling and, after curb stomping one of the ladies, she struck a temporary alliance with Stratton to set up tables for their opponents. 

That alliance was short-lived, as you might’ve guessed. 

Green went on to hit Naomi with the Unprettyher on the ladder, but had to recover from the move as Stark and Sky fought atop the ladder with the briefcase in-between them. Sky delivered one of the most punishing moves you’ve ever seen in wrestling and in ran Green to run up the ladder but right as she got there, Stratton was behind her to push her off of it and out of the ring and onto the aforementioned tables.

That did it. No one else stood in her way.

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It’s Tiffy Time in Toronto, and in the WWE as a whole.

Bloodline Bedlam

Cody Rhodes (c) + Randy Orton + Kevin Owens vs. The Bloodline

Result: The Bloodline wins (pinfall)

Reaction: Solo Sikoa, the Tongans and Jacob Fatu have done all they can to prove they’re more visceral than Roman Reigns ever was — Fatu breaking two of Rhodes’ ribs in the rookie’s debut on SmackDown and, not long after, the group attacking Paul Heyman for refusing to acknowledge Sikoa as the rightful Tribal Chief.

But when Sikoa, who refused to show his face inside of Scotiabank Arena on Friday night, likely due to the presence of Rhodes, Randy Orton and an emotionally-charged Kevin Owens — whose looking to make his sick mother proud by dismantling Sikoa and Co. — released a video disrespecting and calling out Reigns as “not man enough” to lead …

Things hit another level.

Sikoa told Reigns the plan is to take the WWE Championship from Rhodes and then, if Reigns wants it back, to “try and take it from me”, but that title isn’t on the line at MITB, so this was possible foreshadowing for Summerslam … and a coming Civil War within the Bloodline.

The current war at MITB was all set though, and it was as wild as a pack of escaped hyenas on a city block, especially for the first official match of Jacob Fatu a.k.a. The Samoan Werewolf.

Rhodes got the action started and called out Sikoa, who pretended he’d start the match before quickly tagging out to Tama Tonga. That was perfectly fine by Rhodes, who wanted to get his hands on every member of The Bloodline anyway. 

After getting some blows in, Rhodes tagged in Owens, who went maniacal.

“Suck it, b-tch!” he yelled to the opposite corner after pounding on a Tonga.

Up next was Orton, the 14-time WWE champion getting his licks in as well, a great early showing for the three legends against a group that, technically, doesn’t yet qualify to carry their sweaty towels. 

Fatu is seeking to change all of that, and against Orton (first) no less. A vintage Orton DDT was eaten like a snack as Fatu popped back up and surprised even Orton, then dragging the Viper to the corner where Sikoa was tagged in to take aim at Orton — still avoiding Rhodes to this point. 

Owens was being restrained by the official to prevent the Prize Fighter from entering the ring illegally to likely try and put Sikoa into an ambulance. 

Orton finally created a window to escape and Owens ran in, knocked Sikoa and Fatu from ringside and then started kicking Tama Tonga like a soccer ball in a Copa match. 

Tonga Loa couldn’t help but to get involved eventually, and it helped Sikoa turn the tides against Owens, and then taunted him during the punishment before passing him on to Fatu who, to this point, was having a stellar ring debut in WWE. 

Owens found himself dragged into The Bloodline’s corner where he was basically meat for the hyenas.

Right before Owens could tag in Orton, Tonga Loa interfered again, pulling Orton down to prevent the assist and leaving an exhausted and battered Owens on his own after Sikoa sucker punched Rhodes off of the side of the ring; and the three-way beatdown of Owens continued. 

A mistake by Fatu that sent his face into the ringpost bought enough time for Owens to tag Rhodes in to finally get his hands on Sikoa, and the others as well. A Disaster Kick and a Cody Cutter later, Rhodes was in full control. 

Well, until Sikoa speared Rhodes … stealing a page from the book of Roman Reigns.

An injured official, taken down by Sikoa, incidentally, allowed the three legends to all get violent in alternating fashion without disqualification because, hey, if The Bloodline won’t play by the rules … why should anyone else when facing them??


It was BEDLAM from that point forward, as the official was taken out again outside of the ring, this time by Fatu, incidentally, and Owens’ frog splash put Fatu through the announcer’s table as the babyfaces went full heel against the heels which, ironically, makes them that much more babyface. 

Tama Tonga came to in time to hit Owens with a low blow but RKOs to the Tongas cleared the path before he suffered a Samoan Spike. Two Cross Rhodes to Sikoa nearly ended it but Fatu came to his aid. 

“We want Roman!” yelled the crowd. 

Instead, they got Rhodes being spiked and the official tossed back into the ring for the pinfall victory for The Bloodline. 

Their terror continues … for now. 


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